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My Favorite Mascaras and How To Use Them For Maximum Length I LOVE MASCARA AND I’M OBSESSED WITH LASHES!! Here is how I apply almost all mascara’s to get the biggest, longest, lushest lashes around. First I “roll” the brush through the lashes on the top part of the lashes. This is the part of the lash that is facing the eyelid. Make sure to coat all the lashes and separate them well. Then I redip the mascara wand and roll the brush through the front of the lashes. This is the side of the lashes that everyone will see when they look at you. Then I go back and make sure the lashes are all separated and well coated. Depending on the mascara, I will go back and do another cycle to build up thickness and length. Never have little clump balls at the end of your lashes. Thats what makes you look psycho. I never use waterproof mascara (unless there will be crying) since it is more difficult to remove and pulls on the lashes when you try to wipe it off. I also never use brown and don’t really recommend it. It’s just lame and weak….ewww. Go big or go home! MY FAV’S 1.Maybelline Define A Lash Right now I’m obsessed with Maybelline’s Define a Lash. It comes in a green tube so it should be easy to find in the drug store. The brush is a long and narrow, short nubbed rubber-like brush. This makes it SUPER easy to really get in and coat the lashes without clumping or multiple coats. It has won many awards and I totally agree. It doesn’t flake and washes off very easily. 2. Dior Show Expensive, but I have to admit that every time I wear it, people comment on my lashes! It’s a great splurge but I have found that it dries out quickly. This mascara does give a great curl to the lashes without wasting time curling and breaking your lashes off! The big azz brush is not the easiest to manipulate and I’m not sure why it needs to be so big. Bigger is better. Sorry guys, but I guess size matters even with mascara! 3. Carbon Black Double Extend Mascara by Loreal Be careful with all the different Double Extends by Loreal. This is the original one and I feel the best. One end has the white fibers to build thickness and length. The other side has the actual mascara. If you’re willing to take the time to build and layer, this mascara is more than worth the cheap price. 4. Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara by Estee Lauder This gives very thick lashes. Be careful of clumping because of the thick consistency. I really like it for quick thick lashes.